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Once people behave differently in relation to each other. To know the girl had a really good man to behave. Today, unfortunately, we all think that is not the case, many men behave very inappropriately in relation to the girls, and then are surprised that no one likes them or not anyone know. If you want to have a good time you have to remember that every woman should be respected. In our agency are wonderful girls who are not only nice but also very clever. They deserve the best, only if they meet all of your expectations. You have to respect them.

See how it once was, for example, looking at their grandparents. My grandfather used the pick-up techniques, which can be described as a classic. These techniques have been described at that time as the base savoir vivre, that the principles of good upbringing. What did grandfather, grandmother to impress? Courted her, he took on dates, entertaining conversation, it was for her support and friend. Grandfather tried (as seen successfully) to meet her ideal man image. He impressed her familiarity and manners.

Accompanied her during play (translated by today – events). He brought flowers, wrote poems, sang songs, and so on. Learning from stories my grandfather flows as follows: we must strive to seek and be worthy of interest. In short, to be chosen one of his heart to prove how much we depend on it. It’s hard to find the difference between this and what they teach at various courses for Seduction.

The only difference you will see in the topic of determining self-worth. Once confidence naturally flowed directly from the male heart. Today, in the world of neurotic, insecure and effeminate men confidence you need to learn. Nothing else, what drives human emotions, has not changed for generations. You can come to our agency and our London escort girls will tell you how you should behave. They teach you how to treat a woman should be, too erotic.

He’s in our interest. Wait for it until we earn them. Love to be positively unawares. They feel great when we make heroic gestures of romance. Love flowers, dating and chatting until morning. Waiting for the message (only changed the way they poems transmission of text messages) to ensure that the miss and think about them. So we see that the pick-up techniques have not changed over the years, just apply them using modern means. You must be primarily a person who respects women, then you will have a great time.